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Paul Brown Hawaii - Shampoos/Conditioners
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ITEM: PB-Sport Washe Shampoo
6 oz. - $7.30
33 oz. - $19.60
Kukui Sport Washe

Who is it for? Active people with normal or fine/limp, thin hair What does it do? Provides organic invigoration for hair and body. Our Kukui Sport Washe shampoo was formatted by Paul Brown in Hawaii to clean hair and to be gentle enough for skin.

ITEM: PB-Washe Elite Shampoo
9oz. - $9.00
33oz. - $23.00
Gallon - $71.00

Washe Elite

Who is it for? People with dry or chemically treated hair
What does it do? Provides organic invigoration for hair and body Washe Elite was formulated to nurture and enhance abused hair. Washe elite is made with our unique Hawaiian protein flora complex and is so pure and fresh that you may shampoo daily.

ITEM: PB-Stay Straight Shampoo
9oz. - $10.90
33oz. - $32.20
Stay Straight

Stay straight anti-frizz shampoo was formulated by Paul Brown to help smooth curls and frizz while adding shine. Contains natural hawaiian protein flora complex (HPFC) and plant emollients which control frizz while improving the condition of the hair.

ITEM: PB-Ringlets Shampoo
9 oz. - $10.80
Ringlets Shampoo

This rich, luxurious shampoo nourishes the hair with select botanicals carefully blended to revive the natural beauty and curl texture of your hair.

ITEM: PB-Alani Sport Conditioner
6 oz. - $8.60
33 oz. - $23.60

Alani Sport

Detangles, moisturizes, revitalizes. Bathe your hair in natural hawaiian botanicals, kukui nut oil and other essential oils that nourish without coating the hair. fresh and clean, alani is the fragrant organge grown on the hawaiian kona cost. rinse away tangles with Alani Sport from Paul Brown Hawaii. Add sheen and luster with this companion to the Paul brown Hawaii shampoo for your hair type.

ITEM: PB-Resurrect Conditioner
9oz. - $18.20
33oz. - $39.20
Gallon - $91.90


Reconstructs, deep conditions, and rebuilds the hair. Apply a small amount to clean, wet hair. Massage gently into hair and scalp, leave on for 3 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.

ITEM: PB-Treat Elite Conditioner
9oz. - $8.90
Treat Elite

Detangles, conditions, and finishes. Formulated by Paul Brown, Treat Elite is an instant detangler, a light conditioner and a finishing rinse- all in one. It may be left in the hair for maximum benefits or rinsed off fine limp hair. Conditioning with Treat Elite enables you to obtain excellent styling performance and flexibility by closing the cuticle layer and eliminating static electricity. Your hair is visually more radiant and stays clean longer an dust particles are repelled. Ideal to precondition dry ends before chemical services, or used as cutting lotion.

ITEM: PB-Stay Straight Conditioner
9oz. - $16.80
33oz. - $38.60

Stay Straight Conditioner

Penetrates to treat from inside out Stay Straight Anti-Frizz Smoothing Conditioner was formulated by Paul Brown Hawaii to help smooth curls and frizz. Contains natural Hawaiian Protein Formula Complex (HPFC) and natural plant emollients, which condition hair and control frizz.

ITEM: PB-Thermal Power
4 oz. - $8.50
Thermal Power

Heat Protector Styling Treatment

ITEM: PB-Kukui Hot
Nut Oil
4 oz. - $17.90
Kukui Hot Nut Oil

Replaces moisture without lifting color. The Kukui Nut from Hawaii is the source of essential fatty acids, both "Linoleic" and "Linolenic", that replenish luster and elasticity to dryand damaged hair. This lightweight non-greasy formula replaces moisture content naturally. Kukui Nut "Hot" Oils do not remove or lift color as it is a natural nut protein.