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Peter Hantz - Shampoos/Conditioners
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ITEM: PH-Clarity Shampoo
4 oz. - $5.50
16 oz. - $15.00
Ltr. - $25.00

Clarify Shampoo

  • Clarifying shampoo
  • Normal to oily, permed or color treated hair
  • Luscious lather blend of amino acids gently lifts residue and impurities from the scalp and hair prior to chemical service

ITEM: PH-Veloute Glace
4oz. - $5.50
16oz. - $15.00
Ltr - $25.00

Veloute Glace

  • Recommended for fragile, dry, permed or color treated hair
  • Lactic proteins, esters of aloe-vera, almond oil and sea kelp provide moisture emolliency essential to hair elasticity
  • Wheat protein, Vitamin E and panthenol are absorbed into the hair shaft to rebuild the cuticle and ensure healthier hair

ITEM: PH-Skrub
4oz. - $5.50
16oz. - $15.00
Ltr. - $25.00

  • Exfoliating shampoo for normal to oily hair
  • Unique natural loofah granules exfoliate scalp
  • Eliminates excess oils & scalp residue which may flake
  • Zesty facial cleanser and body shampoo

ITEM: PH-Sha-Moya
4oz. - $5.50

  • Hydrating alpha-hydroxy shampoo
  • For normal to dry, or chemically treated hair
  • Esters of passion fruit, flower and cherimoya
  • Nourishes, moisturizes and coinditions
  • Restores health to hair

ITEM: PH-Basis
4 oz. - $7.50
8.3 oz. - $12.50
Ltr. - $27.50


  • Formulated to restore hair to its optimum state. Basis conditions the scalp as well as the hair, allowing the scalp to stay free of excessive oil(sebum) keeping both hair and scalp healthy.
  • Replenishes oils and proteins depleted by today's hash industrial pollutants.
  • Panthenol is absorbed into the hair to rebuild the cuticle and to leave the hair in revitalized condition

ITEM: PH-Recouvrer
4oz. - $7.50
8.3oz. - $12.50
Ltr - $27.50


  • Penetrating treatment for dry, chemically treated hair.
  • Excellent for over-processed hair
  • Protein & emollients lubricate fly away hair
  • Works as chelator to neutralize impurities and medications

ITEM: PH-Pro-Phusion
4oz. - $7.50
8.3oz. - $12.50
Ltr. - $27.50


  • Styling protein leave-in conditioner
  • Protect against environmental pollutants
  • Unique formula
  • May help prevent cold & wind chapping on skin
  • Tightens the skin to new firmness and prevents moisture loss

ITEM: PH-Cherimoya
4oz. - $7.50

  • Instant source of moisture hydration
  • Non-oily lubricating plant fiber base to smooth hair
  • Penetrating botanical herb proteins
  • Imparts hydrating emolliency to inner hair shaft
  • Detangles & restores elasticity
  • Prevents split ends and breakage

ITEM: PH-Intensive
4 oz. - $7.50
8.3 oz. - $12.50
Ltr. - $27.50

Intensive Conditioner

  • Organic moisturizers and protein conditioners
  • Equalizes hair's porosity restoring proper PH balance
  • Promotes elasticity and repairs split ends
  • Detangles hair preventing breakage

ITEM: PH-Endurance
4oz. - $7.50
8.3oz. - $12.50
Ltr. - $27.50


  • Hair's instant source of moisture hydration
  • A complex base of natural botanical herb proteins penetrate the inner hair
  • A non-oily lubricant plant fiber base creates smooth hair