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Peter Hantz - Styling Aids/Specialty Products
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ITEM: PH-Texture Glaze
8.3 oz. - $10.00
Ltr. - $24.50

Texture Glaze

  • Firm hold styling gel in convenient spray
  • Creates volume, definition and bounce
  • Lasting results
  • Maximum sheen, a must for daily styles

ITEM: PH-Styling Glaze
4oz. - $6.50
8.3oz. - $10.00
Ltr - $24.50
Styling Glaze

  • Medium Hold
  • Keratin protein seals and strengthens as it protects
  • Protein rejuvenates, restores elasticity
  • Tames frizzy ends / anti-static
  • revives liveliness and shine
  • Intensifies hair color

ITEM: PH-Haute Glace
4oz. - $6.50
8.3oz. - $10.00
Ltr. - $24.50
Haute Glace

  • Firm hold, non-alcohol, fast drying
  • Gel for fine to normal hair
  • State of the art gel that shapes hair with firm root lift
  • Blow dry, firm, wet set, or dry naturally
  • An essential styling aid, reflects brilliant shine from hair

ITEM: PH-Moisture Glaze
4oz. - $6.50
8.3oz. - $10.00
Ltr. - $24.50

Moisture Glaze

  • 2 in 1 conditioning glaze for dry to normal hair
  • Organic protein and moisturizers replenish balance while amino acids reconstruct to strengthen
  • No flaking, build-up, or static. Great in dry environments

ITEM: PH-Wet Set
4oz. - $6.50
8.3oz. - $10.00
Ltr. - $24.50

Wet Set

  • Medium hold for all hair types
  • Complex plant extract, rejuvenates volume and shine
  • Excellent for finger curl sets, sculpting, scrunch, blow dry, wet set, or dry naturally

ITEM: PH-Briese Glace
4 oz. - $7.00
8.3 oz. - $10.50
Ltr. - $26.50

Briese Glace

  • Medium hold for all hair types
  • Working and finishing spray with memory hold
  • Hair is movable yet holds style
  • Preserves hair color, leaves hair light, lively and shiney
  • Lifts hair roots in sculpting, creating hair direction and control

ITEM: PH-Powershine
4oz. - $7.00
8.3oz. - $11.00
Ltr - $26.50

  • A firm hold finishing spray
  • Exceptional shine, locks in shape.Firm root lift
  • Styling with an extra firm hold
  • Preserves hair color

ITEM: PH-Bounce Bak
8.3oz. - $8.50
16oz. - $14.50
Ltr. - $20.50

Bounce Bak

  • Rejuvenutes relaxed curls, prevents relaxation
  • Natural or Permed hair
  • Smooths the outer cuticles shut, seals, and protects essential nutrients in the hair shaft
  • Seals to prevent color fadage
  • Mostly used for perm support use after shampooing

Pharmagel - Anti-Aging Skin Care - Professional Beauty and Barber Supply
ITEM: PH-Bounce Bak Plus
4oz. - $6.00
8.3oz. - $9.50
Ltr. - $22.50
Bounce Bak Plus

  • Spray in styling product conditions and seals oceanic botanicals with unique structural proteins
  • Shape, curl, and lock them in
  • Prevent color fadage

ITEM: PH- Hydro Foam Gel
8.3oz. - $10.00
Ltr - $24.50
Hydro Foam Gel

  • Seals hair with a water soluble protective sheath, locking in vital emollients while repelling industrial pollutants
  • Fast drying without the use of alcohol
  • Provides excellent styling hold
  • Reflects brilliant sheen while magnifying natural hair color

Peter Hantz Products
ITEM: PH-Couleur Ferme
4oz. - $5.00
8.3oz. - $9.00
Ltr - $14.50
Couleur Ferme

  • Seals in the hair color to prevent color fadage, while enriching the total hair color tone.
  • Works great on all permanent and semi-permanent color treatments
  • Keeps those hard to keep colors, like reds, brilliant and shiny long after, with continuous use.
  • Is gentle enough that it can be used after every shampoo to maintain the fullest color potential.

Peter Hantz Sample Products
ITEM: PH- Samples
1oz. - $.90
Peter Hantz Samples

  • Clarity
  • Veloute Glace
  • Skrub
  • Sha-Moya
  • Intensive
  • Recouvrer
  • Pro-Phusion
  • Cherimoya
  • Styling Glaze
  • Haute Glace
  • Moisture Glaze